Komforme baby shoes originated in 1998.

In the summer of 1985, the founder Alex was traveling around the world. He used his camera to photograph many beautiful things in the world. Of course, what he loves most is the innocence of every child around the world. At that time, as an artist, Alex asked many children a question: What do you see in your dreams? He got all kinds of answers: walked on the Rainbow Bridge, met dinosaurs, rode unicorns...every child they have a beautiful fairy tale dream.

Kkomforme shoes born

In the autumn of 1988, Alex returned to his country. He thought of every child’s dream and used his inspiration and art on baby shoes. He created children’s shoes with unicorns, rainbows, dinosaurs, oceans and whales as the main elements. He hoped More children can wear these shoes with their dreams to travel, play and grow up. Knowing that now, Kkomforme baby shoes have a history of more than 20 years! But we are still making better shoes for kids!

Product Story

Komforme Rainboots create

After every year of innovation. Now we are constantly experimenting and innovating pure color rain boots for children. Every child and parent will find that our pure color rain boots have different feelings in different weather. When it rains, Our rain boots can not only prevent rain, but also show a more comfortable light in the rain, which will make the baby have a good mood in rainy days. After the rain is sunny, our solid color rain boots will appear gradient colors in the sun, like a rainbow. It’s like the kids say, I want to walk on the Rainbow Bridge!

inspiration from sneaker

With the global development, our living environment is seriously polluted. Our new baby sneakers uses more environmentally raw materials and textile materials. On the premise of ensuring that the shoes can protect every baby from growing up, we also pay attention to The problem of our shoes after children grow up. So now our new baby sneakers is more environmentally , and we refuse to use non-degradable plastics and PU raw materials.

imagination and Dedication

After every year of continuous progress, now we have more designers to design our baby shoes. Babies can choose more shoes with different elements. Bees, waves, mermaid, etc. On the other hand, we After 20 years of development, we have greater energy and channels. We send baby shoes, especially rain boots, to children in poor areas. This will make them safer on the rugged school road.

Kkomforme Shoes

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