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KKOMFORME Kids Rain Boots are well-made with a thick sole. Perfect for playing in rain, jumping in mud; The boots are easy to clean, just clean with running water and dry. The grab handles are nice touches, kids will build independence by wearing and taking off themselves.

Style Features:

?Rubber upper and sole

?Handles for easy on and off

?Deep tread patterns in sole

?Newest design prints in cartoon


[Before]This item is of standard size. To get the best fit in rain boots, it is best to measure bare foot. To do this, measure kids??£¤ bare foot from heel to longest toe.

[After]Please store boots in cool and dry places when not need, avoid direct sunlight.


1xNon-woven bag
1x rainboots(pair)


9.8 x 7.8 x 4.7 inches

Shipping Weight:

1.9 pounds